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Influence Others

After reading two years ago that more has been discovered about the brain in the last ten years than in all previous human history, Nathan Schor started a series of classes to apply those findings to the sales and marketing challenges founders typically face.


Because of those advances we’re witnessing the birth of a radically counter-intuitive model of how neural processes motivate our behavior, both as individuals and in groups.


Here’s about last session: Fossils to Founders – Insights from Evolutionary Psychology On Attracting and Acquiring Customers.



"You will never look at marketing the same way again."





More has been discovered about the human brain in the last ten years than in all of human history. This class summarizes those findings, bringing you up to speed on the advances pertinent to influencing others.
By attending, you'll gain from better understanding how the brain’s decision making machinery works. You’ll learn to take advantage of what neural science teaches is the optimal approach to communicating persuasively, and leave knowing several immediately useful science-based tips on influencing others.

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